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Catalan Cream Mix Packaging

Catalan Cream Mix

Crema catalana is the perfect dessert to slowly spoon into your mouth and savour at the end of a meal. Originating in Spain, in the Catalonia region, it has become famous worldwide for its quality. Similar to Crème brûlée, but of Spanish and not French origins, it has a creamy and velvety texture with a crunchy, caramelized sugar crust on top. It distinguishes itself with its delicious cinnamon-citrus aroma. Fiorfiore offers a gluten-free mix that can be prepared quick and easily, with no cooking necessary and with caramel ready for garnishing.

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Dessert Mixes For Traditional Recipes: Delicious From The First To The Last Bite

  • ITALIAN CREATIVITY IN THE KITCHEN SINCE 1939. Starting in a small shop where few preparations for bread and desserts were made to the most advanced production methods, always following the ancient recipes, now available for your table.
  • QUALITY AND INTEGRATED SYSTEM CONTROL. Training, research and high specialization to transform the most innovative ideas into simple dishes to prepare and for all to enjoy.
  • ALWAYS INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. Production processes are constantly being improved to meet the most modern and highest global standards.
  • FOOD SAFETY: each phase of the production process is certified and responds to the most demanding protocols of quality and to the selection of ingredients and methods used.


Ingredients catalan cream mix: sugar, modified potato starch, skimmed milk powder, cream powder,

Glucose syrup powder, vegetal palm oil, xanthan gum, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium phosphate, acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono- and di-glycerides, carrageenan; milk proteins, annatto, curcumin.
Ingredients caramel: glucose syrup, caramelized sugars, glucose-fructose syrup.
Contains: milk. May contain: soy.


Pour the content of the bag in a bowl. Add 200 ml of cream and 150 ml of milk (or, according to taste, invert these amounts to get a lighter dessert). Whisk for about 1 minute. Pour the cream into 4 small bowls and refrigerate for about 1 hour. Before
serving the dessert, garnish it with the caramel sauce you find in the small bag.

SOME ADVICE: in the traditional recipe, the caramel should be as hard as a glass sheet. You can make this at home. Pour 6 spoons of sugar and 4 spoons of water in a saucepan, cook it as long as the sugar becomes light brown coloured.

 Nutrition FactsPer 1/4 package (24,25 g)%Daily Value*Read more    
 Fat2 g3% 
    Trans0 g 
 Carbohydrate20 g 
    Fibre1 g3% 
  Sugars18 g18% 
 Protein0,7 g 
 Cholesterol2 mg1% 
 Sodium190 mg8% 
 Potassium85 mg2% 
 Calcium30 mg2% 
 Iron0 mg0% 

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.



Catalan Cream Mix: The Most Famous Cream In Europe

Catalan Cream, similar to crème brûlée, is a dessert that is widespread throughout Europe and also very popular in Italy.
A legend tells that this cream was invented by some Catalan nuns. A bishop went to visit their convent, and the nuns, to welcome him, prepared a pudding which however turned out to be too liquid. Then they added hot caramelized sugar and when they served it the bishop shouted "crema!" which in Catalan means, in addition to cream, 'it burns'. Since then the cream has also been called "crema cremada". The Catalans claim its invention and believe that it is the ancestor of the French crème brûlée (based on liquid cream, on which sugar is caramelized). The difference between the two creams lies in the cooking method: the Catalan cream is cooked on the fire while the crème brûlée is cooked in a bain-marie.

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