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Tiramisu Mix Packaging

Tiramisu Mix

Tiramisù is the ultimate Italian dessert, so much so that we can say that it is a symbol of Italian gastronomic culture: a great classic known worldwide! It is a savouring-your-spoon-with-every-bite dessert that is both simple and delicious. It is served cold dessert and is composed of layers of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and filled with a mascarpone-based cream, eggs and a bit of liqueur. Fiorfiore offers a gluten-free mix that you can prepare quick and easily for an authentic Italian Tiramisù.



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Dessert Mixes For Traditional Recipes: Delicious From The First To The Last Bite

  • ITALIAN CREATIVITY IN THE KITCHEN SINCE 1939. Starting in a small shop where few preparations for bread and desserts were made to the most advanced production methods, always following the ancient recipes, now available for your table.
  • QUALITY AND INTEGRATED SYSTEM CONTROL. Training, research and high specialization to transform the most innovative ideas into simple dishes to prepare and for all to enjoy.
  • ALWAYS INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Production processes are constantly being improved to meet the most modern and highest global standards.
  • FOOD SAFETY: each phase of the production process is certified and responds to the most demanding protocols of quality and to the selection of ingredients and methods used.


Ingredients custard mix: sugar, skimmed milk powder, modified starch (from corn and potato), cream powder,
Potato starch, corn starch, annatto, turmeric, natural vanilla flavor
Ingredients cappuccino mix: skimmed milk powder, sugar, instant coffee, glucose syrup, milk proteins, lactose,
Refined coconut oil, potassium phosphate dibasic
Ingredients low fat cocoa: low-fat cocoa, potassium carbonate.
Contains: milk. May contain: wheat, soy, and nuts (almonds).


Pour custard mix in a bowl, add 500 ml of fresh cream and whisk for 2 minutes. Dissolve the cappuccino mix in 250 ml of water. Dip each ladyfinger into cappuccino and arrange them in 8 cups or in a dish. Spread some cream over them and repeat layers. Sprinkle with cocoa, cover tiramisu with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes.

 Nutrition FactsPar 1/8 du mélange (20g)%Daily Value*Read more    
 Fat1 g1% 
  Saturated0,1 g3% 
    Trans0,1 g 
 Carbohydrate18 g 
 Fibre0 g0% 
 Sugars15 g15% 
 Cholesterol2 mg0% 
 Sodium20 mg1% 
 Potassium75 mg2 % 
 Calcium30 mg2% 
 Iron0 mg0% 

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.



Tiramisu: The Italian Dessert Par Excellence

It is part of the Italian tradition, and is the most appreciated dessert in Italy and well known around the world. But its origins are recent: 1970 in the city of Treviso. It was here that the "Tirame sù", as they say in Treviso, was inventedb by modifying of the ancient "Sbatudin", a poor but energetic dessert based on egg yolk whipped with sugar, intended especially for children, the elderly and the sick. the 'Tirame sù' (which means "pick me up") was proposed for the first time in the Alle Beccherie restaurant. The dessert, very nutritious and restorative, immediately became widely popular, adhering to the original recipe or with some variations, not only in restaurants in Treviso and its province, but also throughout the Veneto region and then throughout Italy.

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