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tomatoes      2020-04-27

Your condiments are ready in a snap with the best Italian tomatoes. Grown under the Italian sun, carefully selected from the most suitable varieties and processed the same day they are picked. Only the best for your table. But how do you recognize good quality in a sauce?   Select ingredients, craftsmanship and… slow cooking […]

THE PESTO: the green gold of Liguria

sauces & condiment      2020-03-17

Pesto is one of the most appreciated and best known Italian products worldwide. But the real Italian pesto, the authentic one from its original region of Liguria, is not as widespread. A recipe full of history, passion, art and tradition that has been handed down since the XII century. The real Ligurian pesto has a […]

PASTA: the queen of the Mediterranean diet

pasta      2019-12-03

Pasta is an ancient food typical of the Mediterranean diet. Seasoned with vegetables, legumes, cheese, eggs, fish or meat, it is a versatile, healthy and balanced single dish. It provides all the nutrients we need, with a balanced intake of fats and proteins and with an estimated 40% calorie savings.   The real Italian pasta […]