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Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Garlic Packaging

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Garlic

Top quality fresh garlic infused in pure select extra virgin olive oil, harvested and pressed at the right ripeness. In Italy the tradition of flavoring garlic with extra virgin olive oil is lost in the mists of time. Spaghetti with garlic and oil are famous, with the addition, for those who like the dish spicy, of red chili pepper. Or bruschetta made with roasted bread, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Also meat marinades for grilled barbecues. The only advice: go easy on it if you do not want to have garlic breath for too long!

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  • INFUSION MADE AS IT ONCE WAS. Extra virgin olive oil is a staple in Italian cuisine, and since ancient times it has been infused with spices. Only through a rigorous process of selection of raw materials, as tradition dictates, are the flavors, aromas and all the organoleptic properties of both the extra virgin olive oil and the infusion ingredients it enhances.
  • PICKED AND PRESSED: ONLY PURE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The manufacturing process is traditional and subject to high analytical standards. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of the olives, harvested at the right moment of ripeness, through a continuous cycle extraction plant (press), at low temperatures (27 degrees celsius) to preserve all the aromas of the freshly picked bulb. A delicate oil results from this process, ready to enhance the essence of the garlic.
  • ONLY TOP QUALITY GARLIC. The selected garlic is of excellent caliber, fresh, with pleasant and intense sensorial notes.
  • THE SECRET OF THE DECANTING PROCESS. Fresh garlic is infused in extra virgin olive oil inside special steel tanks for about 20 days, so that the oil can extract the perfumes and acquire all the aromas of the garlic. During this time expert tasters carry out repeated tests to reach the correct level of fragrance and flavor.
  • THE PROPERTIES OF GARLIC. Known by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Sumerians, garlic is still so widespread today that it grows spontaneously in many places, from Siberia to Calabria, from Sicily to Africa. Garlic is therefore a global plant. In ancient times it was used as a drug and in rituals. In southern Italy it was used as an amulet to drive away evil spirits. Today its use extends in every kitchen of the country.


Extra virgin olive oil, dried garlic, garlic natural flavour, sulphites.
Contains: Sulphites


 Nutrition FactsPer 1 tbsp (15ml)%Daily Value*Read more    
 Calories 120 
 Fat14g 19% 
 Saturated2g 10% 

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.




In Italian cooking, oil is widely used in most dishes. If the oil is good it enhances the flavor of the food. If it is bad it can destroy the dish. So it is very important to know the origin and quality of the extra virgin olive oil. In Italy, the production of extra virgin olive oil is widespread throughout the country: 18 regions out of 20 produce high quality EVO, each with its specific characteristics that also vary from area to area within the same region. Umbria is one of the regions where the tradition of extra virgin olive oil is the strongest.

There are in fact 5 areas, each of which has different olive varieties and climates, which are reflected in the organoleptic characteristics of the final product: Colli Amerini and Valnerina to the south, Colli di Assisi and Spoleto, in the east, Colli Martani in the center of the region, Colli Orvietani to the west and Colli del Trasimeno to the north. Each area, despite its specific differences, has a common denominator: the climatic conditions of Umbria which allow very slow maturation of the olives and that give the olives a very low acidity level. Furthermore, having such a long lasting tradition, Umbrian producers have handed down the secrets that make their oil so special, for many generations, including the collection of the fruit by hand at the beginning of ripening, and not at the end. In this way the olives have low acidity and an intense fruity taste. In addition, the olives are sent immediately to the mill without waiting for the end of the harvest, so the freshness is maintained. The Umbrian olive production is also distinguished by the freshness of the olives when pressed.

This is because they are immediately sent to the mill, without waiting for the end of the entire harvest. Because of these characteristics, Umbria's extra virgin olive oil goes well with simple but tasty foods. To better appreciate the aroma and flavor of the product, the oil should have a temperature of about 28 °.

Umbrian, Perugia.

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