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Cocoa Muffin Mix Packaging

Cocoa Muffin Mix

A sweet that’s similar to pound cake, a muffin is cooked in round moulds and has a domed top. Muffins come in many different flavours, but the most famous is the chocolate muffin, which is undoubtedly the favourite among children! Fiorfiore offers you a super easy-to-make treat that is a sweet alternative to traditional cakes. In just a few easy steps, you can make delicious, light and fluffy muffins!

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Chocolate Torta Paradiso

  • A TORTA PARADISO….IN A SMALL FORMAT. In Italy, the muffin is the equivalent of the chocolate torta paradiso, but in single portions. It is sometimes called tortina and has a different baking mold.
  • THE PLUM CAKE'S BROTHER. The muffin has the same soft consistency as the plum cake, which originates as the Pangiallo cake, invented by the Romans.
  • THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME. The word muffin was first used in England in 1703 and was spelled moofin. Some say that it derives from the French word mouflet, which means a soft bread. Others say it's from the German muffen, which means small cakes.
  • ADDITIONS. Muffins can be enriched with chocolate chips or dried or fresh fruit in the dough. By decorating them with sweet icing, they can be served as cupcakes!



Enriched wheat flour, Sugar, Rice flour, Low fat cocoa powder, Sodium acid pyrophosphate , Sodium bicarbonate, Salt, Artificial flavours.

Contains: Wheat.

May contain: Soy, Milk, Sesame.


What you need: 80 ml of milk, 80 g of butter and 2 eggs, a bowl, an electric mixer, a muffin mold.
Break the whole eggs into a bowl, beat them with the electric beater, add the milk and the soft butter, then pour in the muffin mix and stir for approximately 3 minutes, until the mixture is even and smooth. Pour the mixture into a muffin tray or individual muffin moulds (recommended diameter: 5 cm). Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. 400 g of mixture will make approximately 16 muffins. Make your muffins even more delicious by adding chocolate chips, raisins or candied fruit to the mixture.

 Nutrition FactsPer 1/4 cup (50 g) %Daily Value*Read more    
  Saturated0 g0% 
    Trans0,1 g 
 Carbohydrate37 g 
 Fibre1 g4% 
 Sugars16 g16% 
 Protein3 g 
 Cholesterol0 mg 
 Sodium0 mg0% 
 Potassium200 mg4% 
 Calcium20 mg4% 
 Iron4 mg22% 

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.



It is Italy that gives Europe the recipe for chocolate!

The history of chocolate is mostly Italian, and not Swiss as many people think. It was in fact an Italian, Christopher Columbus, the first European to come across the cocoa bean in America and who brought it to Europe. Since then, chocolate has always had a very close relationship with Italy. It is here where, before elsewhere, so many recipes were developed that made chocolate famous around the world. From the early 1600s, chocolate became part of the Italian tradition. Mainly two cities were producing it: Florence and Venice. Since then it has been particularly loved by Italians, who appreciate it in all its forms and in all its flavors: from milk to dark chocolate, from hazelnut to pralines.

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