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Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Truffle Flavoring Packaging

Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Truffle Flavoring

Truffles are considered a precious culinary rarity that enhance every dish with their flavor and, above all, the aroma that speaks to the soul. Combined with excellent extra virgin olive oil, it unleashes a powerful emotion at the table. Black truffle of fine quality at the right degree of ripeness, is in fact contained in the bottle and infused with pure extra virgin olive oil, harvested and pressed at the right time. Two products that come together to achieve perfection.

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  • INFUSION MADE AS IT ONCE WAS. Extra virgin olive oil is a staple in Italian cuisine, and since ancient times it has been infused with spices. Only through a rigorous process of selection of raw materials, as tradition dictates, are the flavors, aromas and all the organoleptic properties of both the extra virgin olive oil and the infusion ingredients it enhances.
  • PICKED AND PRESSED: ONLY PURE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The manufacturing process is traditional and subject to high analytical standards. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained by mechanical pressing of the olives, harvested at the right moment of ripeness, through a continuous cycle extraction plant (press), at low temperatures (27 degrees celsius) to preserve all the aromas of the freshly picked tuber. A delicate oil results from this process, ready to enhance the essence of the black truffle.
  • ONLY FINE QUALITY BLACK TRUFFLE. The selection of black truffle (tuber aestivus vitt) is very rigorous: only tubers of fine quality that have reached the right degree of ripeness and express pleasant and intense notes.
  • THE SECRET OF THE DECANTING PROCESS. The selected black truffle is infused in extra virgin olive oil in special steel tanks for about 6-7 days, so that the oil's perfume can acquire all the aromas of the truffle. During this time expert tasters carry out repeated tests to reach the correct level of fragrance and flavor.
  • NERO DI NORCIA AND BIANCO DI ALBA. Today the truffle is considered a precious fine food that enhances every dish. The most sought after in Italy are the black ones from the city of Norcia, in Umbria, and the white ones from the cities of Alba, in Piedmont, and of San Giovanni d'Asso in Tuscany.


Extra virgin olive oil, truffle flavour, dried black truffles


Use in salads, even on meat and fish as a final aromatic touch. Store in a cool, dry and dark place

 Nutrition FactsPer 1 tbsp (15ml)%Daily Value*Read more    
 Calories 120 
 Fat14g 18% 
 Saturated2g 10% 

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot.




The most sought after Italian truffles are the white ones from Alba in Piedmont and San Giovanni ;Asso in Tuscany and the black ones from Norcia, the most eastern city in the Umbria region.
Black truffle is as unique and rare as the territory where it originates, about 600 meters above sea level, on a plateau in the heart of the Apennines, within the Monti Sibillini National Park.

The truffle is an extremely valuable and fine food. It belongs to the tuber family and grows spontaneously in the soil, among the roots of some trees (oak, holm oak). Its typical penetrating and persistent scent that develops when it matures has the purpose of attracting wild animals (pig, wild boar, badger, dormouse, fox, etc.), to spread the spores and perpetuate the species. In the past, pigs were used to search for truffles.

They are very fond of them but very hard to train. This practice is still in use in France. In Italy, however, after the war, special canine training schools were started. The most skilled at truffle hunting are two small breeds: Lagotto and Romagnolo.

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